Selling, Divesting & Merging

Though many entrepreneurs dream of an IPO, history says that a company’s successful outcome is more likely to be a sale. Traditionally, a dozen or so companies are sold for every one that goes public, and that ratio is likely to persist or even increase as the public markets remain inaccessible to all but a few companies. Most successful venture exits result from sales to competitors, financial buyers or industry consolidators. Likewise, with sole-proprietor and family-owned businesses, this is most often the case. SiVal carefully manages the Sale process from start to successful exit. The process starts well in advance of the actual transaction, with SiVal advising companies on issues including positioning for sale, valuation and timing. The advisor’s job is to maximize the value of the transaction, isolate management from the more difficult phases of the negotiation and allow them to focus on running the business. The process includes identifying prospects based on a number of strategic and financial factors, performing a market valuation analysis, executing a competitive bidding process, working to select the optimal buyer, managing the due diligence process and doing our utmost to ensure that the transaction closes successfully.


SiVal assists companies seeking to make acquisitions in order to complement a technology or product line, enter new markets or simply to provide growth in their existing business. We understand that such activities can be time-consuming for executives who also have a business to run, and so we provide a means of ‘outsourcing’ these corporate development activities. As a part of our service, we first do a careful review of the company’s existing strategy, then research suitable target opportunities in existing, adjacent or complementary markets. Next we review these targets with our client and, as appropriate, initiate contact with decision-makers to determine their interest in a possible sale. If the response is positive we assist further with evaluation, discussions, and negotiations, with the ultimate goal of successfully closing a transaction. From our experience, both as executives and advisors, we know that often it takes time and perseverance to find the right strategic fit. We are willing to make that investment in working with our client to ensure the optimal acquisition is accomplished.

Corporate / Strategic Advisory

SiVal advises clients on strategies to successfully grow and create value in their business. We invest significant resources in understanding nuances of each client’s business, including the influence of macro and industry-specific trends, competitive landscape, company strengths and weaknesses, financial and operational performance.  This rigorous work, coupled with our expertise in financial markets and experience in growth management, enables us to craft a tailored strategic plan for each client to maximize their enterprise value and prepare them for a successful exit.

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